Cooking Matters At The Store For WIC Parents

WIC and WIC eligible families can attend grocery store tours to learn how maximize their WIC benefits. Tours are led by local volunteers and teach participants how to buy produce on a budget, identify whole grains, compare unit prices and read nutrition labels. At the end of the tour, participants get to put their new skills into practice with a $10 gift card to purchase healthy foods. Tours are held each week at stores near all Neighborhood WIC centers.

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Metropolitan Women's Health

Neighborhood Hunger Network (NHN)

In partnership with the United Way of New York City, PHS leveraged community partnerships and resources to develop a coordinated and sustainable local strategy that supports food security for the Jamaica and Hollis, Queens neighborhoods' highest-need residents.

With a focus on alleviating hunger and poverty, the NHN hosted community meetings and events that supported sustainable coordination among emergency food sites and hunger and nutrition benefits outreach centers in the community. In addition, the NHN staff conducted SNAP (Food Stamp) enrollment screenings at the Jamaica Neighborhood WIC Centers.

Food Box

Fresh Connect Food Box Program

The Fresh Connect Food Box Program took place each Friday and Saturday in Jamaica, Queens at the Jamaica Farmers' Market. The program was designed to increase opportunities for access to local, seasonal fruits and vegetables to the Jamaica community by offering pre-packed boxes of fresh vegetables and fruits that are made available in increments of $2 and $4 for WIC and SNAP participants. Participants also received guided tours of the market and receive information on how to use their federal food assistance benefits at the market.


Neighborhood WIC serves low-income pregnant, post-partum, and breastfeeding women, infants, and children up to age 5 with nutritional risk.

We Provide

Referrals for health insurance, post-partum, referrals for SNAP Benefits (formerly Food Stamp) enrollment , Breastfeeding Peer Counselors are on-site .

We Are Here for You!

You don't have to be a citizen or have a green card to qualify, and you don't need a social security number.

We Will:

  • Give you vouchers to cash in for milk, infant formula, cereal, fruits, juice, peanut butter, beans, peas or lentils, infant cereal
  • and baby food, vegetables, eggs, cheese, whole grain bread, peanut butter, eggs, and brown rice;
  • Help you with breastfeeding;
  • Give you ideas for inexpensive, nutritious meals;
  • Help your family maintain a healthy weight.

Attend one of our exciting Let's Eat! or Let's Move! sessions and learn helpful nutrition tips
for you and your baby!